BPP-001 The Gathering

Bab 5 station (300x210)

The Gathering was the two-hour pilot movie for Babylon 5.  It originally aired in Feb, 1993, 11 mo before the main series.  The pilot seen most today is a remastering (think director cut) that was done in 1998 for TNT.  As with most pilots, it has a more unfinished feel when compared to the main series.  You can also feel the lower budget compared to shows like Star Trek.  However, there is an amazing consistency in story and setting going from the pilot to the main series.

There are several cast changes between The Gathering and the series.  There are also some significant changes in the portrayal of some of the races, especially the Minbari.  In spite of that the essence of what makes the Babylon 5 universe is well established.

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