BPP-002 Midnight On the Firing Line

Midnight - Londo-Gkar

After nearly a year from the airing of The Gathering, the actual Babylon 5 series kicked off with Midnight On the Firing Line.  This was the season one, episode one opener that resets the show after the long delay and gets everything started into the main series.  We see several of the new cast introduce, learn about the strain between the Centauri and Narn and talk about the virtues of Star Furies and Spoo.

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Just remember… No boom today.  Boom tomorrow.  There’s always a boom tomorrow!


One comment on “BPP-002 Midnight On the Firing Line

  1. when you see the president of the EA, it was producer Douglas Netter. it is also hard for me to believe one man wrote the whole series. the writing ever dropped in the quality of the writing.

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