BPP-006 The Parliament of Dreams

As Jim puts it, The Parliament of Dreams is the first of the best.  This is certainly one of the more powerful episodes in this season, if not the series.  Especially its final moments.  Wow!Parliament of Dreams

But even with the depth, there are certainly some wonderful light moments as well.  We certainly have fun with those as we both wax philosophical and wane into silliness.

And for your edification we present G’Kar’s song:

 I'm thinking of thinking of calling her right
    after my afternoon nap.
  I'm thinking of thinking of sending her flowers,
    right after Bonnie gets back.
  So many fishies left in the sea,
    so many fishies - but no-one for me...
  I'm thinking of thinking of hooking a love,
    soon after supper is done.

Val Toooooo!!!!!!

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Just remember… No boom today.  Boom tomorrow.  There’s always a boom tomorrow!


One comment on “BPP-006 The Parliament of Dreams

  1. this episode was the one that set the hook in me for B5. i know JMS is an athesist, but yet his writing shows he understands the ways of a believer. when Sinclair shows the dominmant form of religion is great. it shows that even in the future the humans do have their need for a GOD.( that is my thought, 🙂 )

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