BPP-008 The War Prayer

The War PrayerMy, oh, my.  This episode of The Babylon Project has it all.  Banter.  Standard fan-show fare.  Plot analysis.  Soul searching.  Deep philosophy.  Current events.  Even a dramatic reading by our ISN Inf0-Babe Anthea (She’s my wife, so she’ll always be a babe to me!!!).

This is the deepest episode discussion we’ve had so far, though Believers, coming down the pipe, will probably top it.  But to date, this really is it.  In a demonstration of just how relevant Babylon 5 remains to society today, The Mind War takes bigotry and hatred squarely by the horns.  In spite of that, it has some incredibly light moments.  It also has one of the longest conversations with Kosh that we’ll see in the show.  So take a deep breath for a very thoughtful and deep episode.

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4 comments on “BPP-008 The War Prayer

  1. Enjoyed the episode as always and that was the first time I’ve heard of let alone listened/read Twain’s “War Prayer” and yes I don’t think the society of the time were ready for it and alas I fear nothing much has changed.

    • Mike, thanks. Jim and I had a blast recording this one. We both love digging into the deep episodes. And I will pass along to my wife your enjoyment of Twain’s story.

      And no. Not much has changed. That’s why stories like that are so important.

  2. this episode made me respect londo more, and see he is more than the fooley he shows at first. when londo starts to remember the past, the weight on him is so great.
    this is the homeguard first outtings, and it shows that we as humans are still so prejustice. that is a what makes sci fi so great, it can toss out an idea and talk about it and not cause people to freak out.

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