BPP-011 Believers

For very different reasons, Believers turns out to be one of both Jim and Raul’s least favorite shows of the entire series.  In spite of that, the discussion of the show may well be one of the best of the entire podcast.

BelieversThere’s some lighthearted moments, but also a lot of very intense discussion.  We get the religious perspectives from both an agnostic and a Christian angle and the conversation will surprise a lot of you.  Not in that it is respectful and thoughtful, but there will be some positions from each that may not fit the expected perceptions.  There are also some (hopefully) interesting thoughts on the medical ethics of this story.  It seems that Raul has some firsthand experience with the kind of decision making that Dr. Franklin faces.

Oh, and let’s not forget… what would a Babylon 5 podcast be without some totally unrelated discussion about Star Trek.  Yeah, we get distracted here and there.  That’s what makes it fun, however.

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