BPP-012 Survivors

Survivors - KemmerFor Raul, this was the episode that convinced him that Babylon 5 was going to be something very special, if not unique in television.  This is where the characters became real.

In Survivors, Garibaldi’s past comes back to haunt him.  For many shows, this would have been a stand-alone episode but for Babylon 5, it is part of the character and story arcs.  This establishes a lot of what is behind Garibaldi in a way we haven’t seen before.  He’s already talked about his alcoholism, but here we see how it has really messed up his life.  This is going to play into both his character and the main plot development as the series progresses.


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2 comments on “BPP-012 Survivors

  1. Quick answer, no. Kemmer was not on board Earth Force One at the end of the season, per JMS. She is also not mentioned again in the series, nor do I recall any references to her in any of the books. So, you can probably imagine whatever fate you’d like for her.

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