BPP019 – A Voice In the Wilderness, Pt. 1

epsilon3Sorry we’ve been away, friends.  Life has its periods of craziness.  Just ask Susan Ivanova.  But we are back and in full strength.

This episode was so good it couldn’t be contained in one episode.  Seriously, though, this is an extremely important episode to the mythology.  Multiple story lines.  Great arc content.  A wonderful homage to Forbidden Planet.  Some of Londo’s best lines of the season – and some real understanding of the tragedy of his character.  We also get some things set in motion that we won’t see resolved until seasons 4 and 5.

My advice?  Watch this one again.  Why?  Just because…

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2 comments on “BPP019 – A Voice In the Wilderness, Pt. 1

  1. About the dancer Londo married… In season 5, the very long night of Londo Mollari he mentioned that he had been pressured to divorce someone because of her status. I’ve always assumed that it was her.

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