BPP020 – A Voice In the Wilderness, Pt. 2



You’ve waited awhile for this installment, I know.  So we made sure it was worth the wait.  We continue on with the second part of A Voice In the Wilderness.  We left the show with what appears to be an Earth warship popping out of the jumpgate to take over the situation.  However, it would appear that not only Sinclair and the command staff, but Delenn, Londo and Draal seem to have other ideas…

Our discussion is joined today with a fan and good friend of the show: JP Harvey.  JP is a retired colonel of the U.S. military, so is the perfect person to answer some of the military questions that not only abound in this episode, but that we’ve asked over the course of the season.  We hope to get him back for a few more shows down the line.

You can find us at http://www.BabylonProjectPodcast.wordpress.com, on Facebook at The Babylon Project Podcast or on iTunes.  You can email us at TheBabylonProjectPodcast@gmail.com.  We look forward to hearing from you.

Just remember… No boom today.  Boom tomorrow.  There’s always a boom tomorrow!


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