Where are we? Not to worry!

Bab 5 station (300x210)I do want to let the podcast fans in one what has been happening of late. I had a catastrophic computer failure. At first it looked like pretty much everything had been lost, but with some time and effort – and replacing the old computer – I’ve managed to get almost everything back. There may be one show where you lose me a few times, but that’s OK because you’ll still have Jim’s golden pipes.

The other issue that has interfered is that my mother-in-law had a stroke 3 weeks ago. I’ve been having to be backup and support for my lovely wife and this has taken the appropriate priority in my life of late. She is doing well, though, and things are beginning to return to some degree of normalcy.

The good news is that Jim and I will be back to recording and releasing shows for The Babylon Project Podcast within the next week! Thanks so much for your patience and support of the show.