BPP022 – The Quality of Mercy

the-quality-of-mercyYes.  We’re still here.  In fact we’re back!  After fighting our of Shadow War of being sick, motherboard failures, hard drive crashes (which almost took out all our show data) and even a stroke with a parent we have a new show.  Finally.

This episode we are talking about The Quality of Mercy.  It has some of the most seriously philosophical moments of the first season (dealing with the death sentence) as well as the funniest (Lennier and Londo playing poker).  This episode is odd.  It is both a stand-alone episode and an arc episode.  In the former it stands entirely on its own merits and is not strictly necessary for the overall story.  Yet, in the same breath it expands the mythos and introduces elements that will be extremely important in future seasons.

Because of the dual nature – and that the episode hops frequently between story lines – Jim and Raul are bouncing all over the place.  It a great time for both and hopefully you be singing the Happy Happy Joy Joy song.

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