BPP 204 – A Distant Star

EaexplorOk.  We’ve had “Crunchy.”  Now we have “Stinky.”  And, no, you can’t blame Raul for it this time.

Between the – quite beautiful – Explorer class ship and its only appearance in the series, to Franklin’s dietary meddling with the command staff this episode seems like an entertaining and fun stand-alone episode.  And in many ways it is.  However, this is also an important “arc” episode as well.  We begin seeing more of what may be floating around hyperspace and it is not pretty.  The mystery of these shadow vessels expands, Delta squadron gets a shake up, and we get more background on Captain Sheridan.

Oh, and does anybody have a good recipe for Bagna Cauda?  It’s a heart attack in a bowl, but we’ve got to try it…

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