BPP 206 – A Spider in the Web

B5 AdrianForgive me folks, but I (Raul) am gong to start out on a soapbox here.  Adrienne Barbeau is one of the single biggest reasons that I’ve come to hate the old TV show, Maude.  I’ve long believed that show helped pigeon-hole her with her looks.  Perhaps it was just the era of the 1970’s stereotyping.  Regardless, while she is beautiful, she is also an excellent actress.  Her acting chops really shine in this weeks episode because her performance makes the show.

A Spider in the Web gives a a lot of insight into the complex politics of the Earth-Mars relationship.  We’ve been hearing a lot about it, but not we learn much more.  It also seems that there are some much deeper shenanigans with the Psi Corp that we have dreamed thus far.

Get ready for some seriously crunchy moments!

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