BPP 207 – Soul Mates

TimovOf the lighter Babylon 5 episodes, this is probably my all-time favorite.  Both the A story and the B story have some of the most memorable funny moments of the show.  In fact, it was so hard to choose an image for this post, I simply had to give you two.  I just need to type enough to fill the space so two images fit.

In the first episode we get to meet Londo’s own personal Famine, Pestilence and Death.  Along with Elric, the Technomage from The Geometry of Shadows, Timov is one of the favorite one-time appearance characters in the show.  She is so popular that she has a central role in The Legions of Fire book trilogy.  Jane Carr, who gave the role life, was just fabulous.

Delenn needs helpNormally, we don’t mention the B story in the notes, but in this case an exception must be made.  Delenn is busy trying to come to terms with the human side of life.  Not the easiest thing, if you aren’t born to it.  She turns to the only person she can trust to put on her “girly side,” Susan Ivanova.  Mira doesn’t get to do a whole lot of comedy in Babylon 5, but in this episode, she shows as that she has that mastered, as well.

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