BPP 208 – A Race Through Dark Places

BPP 208 delenn-lbd

Well, I guess we did have a bit of a digital boom.  In my attempts to get the podcasts out to all of you in a consistent timeline, I did pre-scheduled some releases.  Something seems to have glitched out on it – probably a bone-headed user glitch (sorry Lennier).  The result is that you are getting this episode out of order.  If you’ll forgive me, I’ll promise to make sure it doesn’t happen again…

Remember Talia and Jason Ironheart last season?  Remember wondering just what he did to her?  Well, we get a hint in this episode and he did much more than just giving her a penny.  This is Walter Koenig’s second appearance as the Psi Cop Alfred Bester and it pretty much cements him into the essential Bab 5 mythology.  It seems that somebody has been funneling rogue telepaths through in violation of Earth law and it’s Bester’s job to ferret out the culprits.  This is Sheridan’s first of many encounters with the “business end” of the Psi Corp.

If that isn’t enough Sheridan, Delenn asks him out on a date and goes from “crunchy” to “yummy” in the (arguably) best LBD number of SciFi fandom.  If you were a part of the online community when the show originally aired, you’ll remember this is the episode that sent the John-Delenn ‘shippers into a tizzy that lasted the rest of the show.   (Actually, you can still find people writing John-Delenn fanfic?!?)

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Just remember… No boom today.  Boom tomorrow.  There’s always a boom tomorrow!


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