BPP 216 – In the Shadow of Zha’Ha’Dum

vir-waveThis isn’t a Gremlins podcast, but it should have been.  We were plagued with recording issues, but wow!  Troy is damn good.  I’ve said for years, a good editor is worth his weight in gold and this episode is proof.

But about Babylon 5… That this episode includes the name Zha’ Ha’ Dum, you might expect this to be a major arc episode.  You would be right.  This was the second episode that was up for the Hugo.

In this episode we get an idea of just how far Sheridan is willing to go to achieve an objective.  Morden is not only back, but he’s apprehended and John isn’t going to let him go without some real answers.  Finally, after a season-and-a-half, we finally get the background we have been after.  And while we don’t see what is inside the encounter suit, we do learn what the Vorlons are.

One of the most priceless Vir moments also occurs in this episode.  Will we get a payoff for the effort?  We’ll just have to wait and see.  A big part of Franklin’s story is set up, as well, though it will take until late season 3 to climax.  We also get our first introduction to the Nightwatch.  Hmm… wonder where that is going to go?

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2 comments on “BPP 216 – In the Shadow of Zha’Ha’Dum

  1. A little correction about the episode’s Hugo status. In the Shadow of Z’ha’dum was not one of the five Hugo finalists in 1996, though it was one of the six B5 episodes to receive nominations that year. The second episode that would have been nominated was The Fall of Night, but JMS declined to prevent splitting votes. The Long, Twilight Struggle was the next one in the list, and DS9 episode which was seventh got the nomination instead. That episode was The Visitor, Trials and Tribble-ations was nominated in 1997 against Severed Dreams.

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