BPP 217 – Knives

bpp217-knives-imageE.T. phone home…

Well, ok.  We’re not an “cute kids” science fiction podcast.  Especially considering JMS’ position on that subject (with which one of your hosts wholeheartedly agrees).  But it IS the secondary story of this week’s episode.  Plus it serves as a reminder for us not to forget about Babylon 4.

The main story, though, is a very interesting insight into Centauri society and politics.  Londo also begins to see that there is a very personal price to be paid for his decisions.  Will he back out?  Will he double down?  Will he just ride the roller coaster and hang on for dear life?

Join Jim and Raul as we chew over this and much more.

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Just remember… No boom today.  Boom tomorrow.  There’s always a boom tomorrow!


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