BPP 306 – Dust to Dust

The madness continues.  Like Jim and Raul have said, Season 2 just never stops.  This week, Vir makes a return from his new ambassadorial post on Minbar.   He appears to be going native just a bit.  Hardly a surprise, of course, but you cannot help but wonder if that isn’t going to get him in trouble somewhere down the line.

Oh, and did I mention our favorite “villain” is back?  Bester makes a return to Babylon 5 except that this time he is the Good Guy.  Or is he?  Well, he is chasing down a black market drug operation that is peddling something called Dust.  This drug gives anyone with the recessive gene for telepathy that ability for a short time.  It allows what is effectively a telepathic rape of another.  It’s also highly addictive and extremely dangerous.  So he has to be on our “side” this time, right?

I do have to give Bester credit for being right about one thing; he and Garibaldi do make a good team.

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Just remember… No boom today.  Boom tomorrow.  There’s always a boom tomorrow!


2 comments on “BPP 306 – Dust to Dust

  1. I love Dust to Dust. All the episodes with Bester are good but this is one of my favorites. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could go back in time with Walter Koenig and create a Babylon 5 spinoff series on Netflix starring Bester. I read the trilogy of books about Bester and really enjoyed them, especially the third one. Keep up the good work guys.


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