BPP – Feedback December 2017

Now I have a machine gun…

Ho!  Ho!  Ho!

You’ll shoot your eye out kid.

Uh… no.

We’re not the Classic Christmas Movie podcast.

But we’re also not entirely the Babylon Project Podcast today, either.  Well, yes we are, but tonight we’re not talking about, “The next exciting episode…”  What we are talking about is all the wonderful feedback we have gotten from you, our listeners.  For Jim, Raul, and now JP, hosting, Troy’s brilliant editing and Anthea’s voice on the credits, this podcast has been a labor of love that we do without expectation of, well, anything.  That we get any feedback at all is humbling.  That it is such quality and thought provoking feedback is an absolute honor.

So tonight, this is your show.  Your thoughts and comments are a special treat for us, so we’re returning the favor with a special treat episode.  Just in time for a holiday gift back to you.  Have a very Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, Yule, Holiday, or whatever you do to celebrate this season.

And thank you!  Thank you for another wonderful year shared with us.  So party like a Centauri and we’ll see you in the New Year!


BPP 310 – Severed Dreams – Fixed

[A special “Thank you,” to listener Big Brother (@back2babylon5 on Twitter) for letting me know the link wasn’t in the post.  We should be fixed now.]

“Be somewhere else.”

Probably one of the strongest lines in science fiction television.  Raw power and an absolute willingness to use it.  We’ve seen some of the flirty or feminine Delenn lately, so we might have forgotten she was a member of the Grey Council – and the chosen of Dukat – for a reason.

But that’s just one of many “wham” points for this episode.  All the tension we’ve been seeing build with the Earth Alliance explodes today.  Clark forces the hand of Sheridan with a result I don’t think he expects.  Hard decisions are made, but are they really that hard when you don’t have anything else to lose?

The moralities of command.  Free press.  Just war.  The price of even a just war.  All this and more are the focus of this episode of Babylon 5.  Raul, Jim, and JP have a fascinating and extended conversation about this and more on this fan favorite episode that also won the 1997 Hugo award for Best Dramatic Presentation.

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