BPP 310 – Severed Dreams – Fixed

[A special “Thank you,” to listener Big Brother (@back2babylon5 on Twitter) for letting me know the link wasn’t in the post.  We should be fixed now.]

“Be somewhere else.”

Probably one of the strongest lines in science fiction television.  Raw power and an absolute willingness to use it.  We’ve seen some of the flirty or feminine Delenn lately, so we might have forgotten she was a member of the Grey Council – and the chosen of Dukat – for a reason.

But that’s just one of many “wham” points for this episode.  All the tension we’ve been seeing build with the Earth Alliance explodes today.  Clark forces the hand of Sheridan with a result I don’t think he expects.  Hard decisions are made, but are they really that hard when you don’t have anything else to lose?

The moralities of command.  Free press.  Just war.  The price of even a just war.  All this and more are the focus of this episode of Babylon 5.  Raul, Jim, and JP have a fascinating and extended conversation about this and more on this fan favorite episode that also won the 1997 Hugo award for Best Dramatic Presentation.

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7 comments on “BPP 310 – Severed Dreams – Fixed

    • Thanks for letting me know. I checked from my phone and the linkage is messed up. I’ll have it fixed soon and will let you know ASAP. Thanks for listening and thanks for the help.

      • I’ve gotten the feed back up with the link/listen button correctly in place. It’s working on my RSS feed and I’ve got word out for someone on iTunes to let me know if we’re good there, as well.

        Thank you again for the great help. You’re getting a shoutout first thing on our feedback episode tonight. 🙂

  1. About the rank system….Earth Force is not the US Military, nor is it the German or Russian military. So they are no more obliged to not mix traditional American Army and Navy ranks than they are to not mix in Unteroffiziers and Starshina. 300 years in the future, I’d be surprised if the rank system hadn’t changed and evolved.

    Also consider this. Just as tiny nations like Caribbean Island nations may have much smaller militaries than big ones like the USA or UK, and thus may have the senior-most rank be the equivalent of a Captain or Colonel rather than 4-star general, really huge militaries might need more rank levels than the current US system has. Remember that the United States is a tiny part of the Earth Alliance, which includes several other planets in addition to the entire population of Earth. With a population measured in tens of billions of people rather than hundreds of millions, they probably have a military that is also an order of magnitude or two larger than the present-day US Military. They may NEED more levels of ranks to provide enough levels of rank to have the needed number of levels on the organization chart. So they may insert Major and Colonel in between Captain and Admiral/General, the way some navies insert Commodore there.

    And as for General Hague and Major Ryan, remember that, as a member of the Joint Chiefs, he is probably NOT the captain of his flagship. He’s equivalent to a fleet admiral, in charge not of one individual ship but of many. Thus he’d have a Flag Captain who is the actual captain of the flagship, running the flagship’s day-to-day operations and fighting it as an individual ship in combat, while the General/Admiral commands the fleet or task force as a combined unit. In the special circumstances of their coup/rebellion, his aide or executive officer or chief of staff, Major Ryan, might indeed take over for him as commander of the fleet or task force, and might end up wearing two hats and also being effectively the flag captain of his own flagship. Especially if the actual flag captain is also killed or wounded in combat, or refused to go along with the coup and resigned in protest.

    • Ok. Now those are great comments. Especially at the end there. It’s a pretty solid explanation to account for the outlier, and Maj. Ryan is the only outlier. I’m glad out feedback episode was postponed for a plumbing emergency. Now we get to include this comment in the show! Thanks again!!!

  2. Finally got around listening to the episode, and I have a couple of comments. First of all, the third voice is an excellent addition to the discussion.

    And yes, Rance Howard was indeed Ron and Clint Howard’s father, and passed away just last month at the age of 89.

    The zoom-pull camera effect has many names, but the one I’m most familiar with is Vertigo zoom, the effect was first used in Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo. It also seems to be a favourite of director David Eagle, who used it in about three Babylon 5 episodes, so keep an eye on it whenever he’s directing.

    I hope you have seen the famous blooper take of Major Ryan telling where General Hague really is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9WkQTzAcYk. Unfortunately the short blooper clips on DVDs miss a lot of classics from the full reels, which are about 15 minutes for every season, but can be found in Youtube.

    Producer John Copeland is a military history buff, and most of the time he was probably the first person who was consulted about military. In the editing he also handled most of the action scenes while JMS concentrated on character drama.

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