BPP 312 – Sic Transit Vir

Hmm… Well, yes. Thus passes the man. Or the Centauri.

How do I put it. Yeah. That’s it. Vir gets the girl. And what a girl she is. She does make bald look good.

Raul can’t look at this episode without thinking “Flounder.” This really is one of the funniest episodes of the series. JMS, however, being who he is makes a hard shift and suddenly gets much darker than expected. We also get a solid lesson in how no good deed goes unpunished. Ok, we also get a bit of a lesson in bad deeds going not only unpunished, but elevated.

Oh, and as long as we’re talking Twain, let’s not forget Lincoln. Or should I say “Lincolni?”

While we are in school, we will also get a bit of a home-ec lesson. First rule: leave the Minbari cooking to the Minbari. Second rule: you can choke anything down with enough salt.

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BPP 311 – Ceremonies of Light and Dark

You think after the last three episodes President Clark might be a bit honked off at Sheridan & Co.?  Nightwatch can’t be all that happy, either.  I guess some people have no sense of humor.  Go figure.

After all the crisis, Delenn decides to take matters into her own hands by having the rebirth ceremony.  Yeah, we saw part of that in Season 1, as well.  Though this time, there aren’t any possible weddings happening.  Yet.  Unfortunately, Nightwatch decides to express their displeasure with Sheridan by going after Delenn.  I suppose, those three Minbari warships hovering in the background might have something to do with that.

Anyway, it does seem that Sheridan has had enough.  He makes that rather clear in the end.  We also have a few secrets revealed.  Some of them will have an impact on the future of the story.  Overall, this episode slows down the pace a bit after the roller-coaster we’ve been on.  Pay particular attention to G’Kar.  We will be contrasting him now with him in the future.

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