BPP-007 Mind War

This week is a huge “Wham!” episode.  We finally learn about the Psi Corp.  I mean the real Psi Corp, not the idea of it held by Talia.  One of the Mind War - Besterfandom’s favorite characters is introduce tonight – Alfred Bester, played by Walter Koenig.  Bester is nothing like Chekov from Star Trek.  If you haven’t seen the episode yet, you need to give yourself the treat.  I made a challenge in the show to explain Bester’s hand.  The image is not the hand in question.  Look for his left hand…

The other part of the story is also an important part of the arc.  We get Katherine Sakai back for a close encounter.  The Walkers of Sigma 957 were a source of speculation and discussion for quite a long time when the series first aired.  This part of the arc also gives us some hints of what really lies within G’Kar.  He’s not as trite and petty as he so often seems.

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