BPP017 – Eyes

babylon017Eyes brings together a lot of pieces that have been happening all season.  If you want to really get the idea that everything that has been happening is interconnected, this show will do that for you.  It is the beginning of the roller coaster that takes us through the end of the the first season.  Sinclair has been warned that he has made some enemies.  From some of his actions on the station, that is to be expected.  However, he has people he doesn’t even know about yet that are out to get him.  Eyes is where it all hits the fan when a security audit turns into a full blown vendetta.  This episode is a favorite of mine.

Fans, I’ve got to apologize.  It’s been a bit of a bug fest in the Ybarra household lately.  First the flu, then a pair of sinus infections.  Hard to prep a podcast when you can’t hear it…  I did have some help in the recording from my dog, Obi Wan.  Or at least some encouragement.  It’s amazing how large a tongue such a mid-sized dog has.  🙂

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